Apple Store Field Trip – Des Moines

Apple Store Field Trip

Offering more than just consumer purchases and assistance, Apple Stores host unique field trips for students and teachers. 

Place/Event: Apple Jordan Creek in West Des Moines
Location: Find a store in your state 
Cost: Free
Grade/age range: K-12th grade
Group size: 30 or less. 
Hands-on: Yes
Stroller friendly: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes

To schedule an Apple Store Field Trip for your students, fill out the request form online. Field trips are confirmed directly with each store and that store’s staff via email and a phone call.

Once the field trip is planned, a permission slip is needed for each student. So if two siblings are going, they both need their own permission slips. 

There are several different trip themes and topics based on the needs of each student group.  Topics include movie making, coding, robotics, and more. Apple also offers teacher workshops and resources.

In addition, free, weekly activities are available for the whole family. Check with your local Apple Store’s calendar to find out what’s happening near you. 


Movie Trailer Field Trip

We planned a movie trailer making field trip for our local homeschool group. I created a Google spreadsheet to use as a sign up and organized groups of students before our trip. This spreadsheet was also submitted to the Apple Store in advance so that they could prepare certificates of completion for each student. 

Our group arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled field trip to get organized and meet the staff before heading into the Apple Store. Each student received a magnetized Apple pin to wear on their clothing.


There is no designated classroom space or backroom. Groups gather around a larger screen at the back of the store while shoppers receive help from staff. Eric, our presenter was fun and engaging for the children. 

Apple Store Field Trip

After a short intro, students broke up into groups and started working on their projects. They used an iPad (provided by the store) to create a story board for their movie trailer. 

Apple Store Field Trip


Next, it was time to film their trailer. Students filmed inside the store and could use merchandise as props. Our students got very creative, turning the chairs into a tunnel and using posters as a backdrop. Staff also helped students use a screen to look up images to film. 

Apple Store Field Trip


After filming, everyone gathered back around the large screen and watched each others’ videos. This was very rewarding for the kids and hilarious for the parents. 


Apple takes it one step further and downloads each student’s video onto a bracelet USB drive which they get to take home. 


My kids love their goodies and still have their pins on display in their rooms. 

Apple Store Field Trip Goodies


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  1. I love that Apple offers things like this and workshops and am always recommending people to check their local store and see what is offered!

    1. I was really surprised! I didn’t know they did anything like this. It’s a fun way for the whole family to learn about new technology. 🙂

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