Ciccotti Art Glass in Ames

Place/Event: Ciccotti Art
Location: 2306 258th St, Ames, Iowa 50014
Cost: Free
Grade/age range: Older students or those who can stand still and not touch
Group size: small (the workshop can comfortably hold half-dozen or so and the gallery is about the size of a living room with lots of expensive glass pieces on pedestals and shelves.
Hands-on: limited – the fire is lit and glass is being blown late fall-early spring. In the summer the artist is traveling around to expos.
Stroller friendly: No
Bathrooms: No – only one in his private residence that is detached from the workshop/gallery
Food: No

So…this year we were studying ancient history and the Phoenicians, learning about how they developed glass.

One day, driving through the country, I saw a sign for an open house at Ciccotti Art Glass and demonstrations for glass blowing!

Well, PULL the van over – this is perfect! I pulled into the gravel driveway and took a look around, wondering if I was crazy to take my two 7 year olds into a glass shop and then in the name of education charged on! and we LOVED it. The kids were delighted.

We stayed about an hour watching Art and his two helpers make a large vase.

I visited with Art’s wife and we scheduled an appointment to come back to another day to watch our own pieces of glass being made! (It was a few weeks before Christmas and I needed to get some gifts checked off the list). 

Watch my videos on our glass projects.

VIDEO 1 – this one is the longest and shows the whole process Ciccotti Art Glass.png

Video 2 – Short version of a different bowl




Art offers workshops where you can blow your own ball, vase or mug. Emily really wants to go back and do that. We are thinking maybe for her 8th birthday!

One of the many beautiful and expensive pieces in the gallery



*** If you go blow your own glass, please let me know how it goes! Share pictures!

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