The Field Museum – Chicago

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The Field Museum left me breathless and speechless!

I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Field Museum. I had read all the reviews and how to compare it to a football field and so forth.
But until you step inside the vast halls and experience the volume of information, there really is no way to understand. If you wanted to truly absorb all the museum has to offer, you could spend a few weeks there. 
Plan ahead, pick out a few of the most interesting exhibits for your family and don’t try to see everything in one day (like we did).
I was in awe of all of the different cultures on display. When I compare our culture and myself to world history, I realize how small I am. I left the Field Museum just praising God and giving glory to Him for His  wonderful world and all His works!


So, the first thing you will notice about the museum, (after you realize how big it is) is that it has a funky smell! Which is all the chemicals used to preserve everything.

This is an old school style museum with working scientist and staff tucked away in labs and back corners. Almost ALL of the exhibits are behind glass or rope and are not to be touched.

The Field Museum is not a hands-on children’s play museum. However they offer the Crown Family PlayLab on the ground level and is just what you would think of for kids ages 6 and under.

This is a wonderful place to give the kids a break from walking and looking. Here they can touch, build, try-on and be loud!

This area has the typical children’s play museum features: an art room, music room, stage, adobe house and vegetable garden, microscopes and a fossil dig area. Our kids had a great time here!

The Field Museum


The Field is famous for the dinosaurs and the Egyptian exhibit but I was in awe of the taxidermy animals which basically fill the entire West Wing on the main level.  While I personally loved the Ancient Americas and people group exhibits in the East wing on the main level, if you are short on time or attention spans, than focus on the West wing animals and Dinosaur Hall on the Upper Level.

For those of the Christian faith or who might not agree with some evolutionary ideas, please note that Dinosaur Hall is located at the back of the Evolving Planet Exhibit. You must walk through this exhibit to enter and exit Dinosaur Hall. Dinosaur hall is incredibly neat and I would encourage you to add it to your must-see list!



This whale skeleton is in the World of Mammals in the far NW corner on the Main Level.


The-Field-Museum-Chicago-birds The-Field-Museum-Chicago-wambat

I would love to take the kids back when they are in high school and have finished their chronological study of history and science!

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