Niagara Cave Tour in Minnesota

 the Visit Neighboring States Series

Place/Event: Niagara Cave Tour MN
Location: 29842 Co Rd 30, Harmony, MN 55939  (Can be a little tricky to find. Located in the middle of the country.)
Cost: $8-14 (See website for all options.)
Grade/age range: Children under 3 are allowed in the cave but I would recommend 1st-12th.
Group size: Small (20 or less)- a large group would have to be split.
Hands-on: limited to walking and viewing (not allowed to touch cave walls). Other hands-on activities available for a fee.
Stroller friendly: Not in the cave.
Bathrooms: Yes 
Water: Yes
Food: No (Picnic tables and a nice shelter are available.)

Niagara Cave is just beyond the eastern Iowa border, about a 90 minute drive from Waterloo. Consider this amazing geological treasure featuring a 60 foot underground waterfall and a one mile hike tour with over 250 steps at 48 degrees for your next field trip. 

Our tour guide was a very knowledgeable and polite young man. Dress the kids warmly and wear sturdy shoes. It was raining the day we visited which was so odd to not hear or sense the rain inside the cave. The land around the cave is flat, adding to the uniqueness of features inside. Who knew all that was just under your feet?

Niagara Cave Tour MNThe guide explained lots of geological features to us, pointing out fossils and all the different formations. The kids were in awe. In one room there was an echo if you beat on your chest like a drum. The boys had a lot of fun with this room.

Niagara Cave Tour MN

Like all good tours, the farther along you go, the better it gets. We didn’t feel rushed during the tour and had lots of opportunities to take pictures and really study the different features.

My biggest regret was not preparing ahead of time for this learning experience. I did a little review with the children before our trip but next time would explain more before we go. I just didn’t realize how much we would see on the tour. Very impressive.

Niagara Cave Tour MN

Mystery Cave is another cave about a half hour drive from Niagara Cave. Both caves look awesome and we really debated on which to visit. I would love hear your experience if you have visited either cave!

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