Review of Legoland Theme Park and Resort in Florida

We surprised our kids with a visit to LEGOLAND Theme Park and a night in the resort! And by surprised, I mean that we pulled up to the gate and said “hey kids, what’s this place? Want to go check it out?” With eyes wide, mouths gaping open, they stared in shock for about a minute before jumping all over the backseat of the rental car and shouting, “I can’t believe it!” I say we get some major awesome parent credit for that one, especially after the GPS almost gave us away with the “starting route to LEGOLAND” announcement!

LEGOLAND is our first brand-name theme park we have visited with our kids. After lots of research and personally visiting a theme park of this magnitude, my impression is that you go to experience your brand and Lego is this family’s brand!

It’s not so much about the rides as it is about seeing your favorite products and experiencing your favorite characters in new fashion.

Kids driving cars at Legoland Florida.. Our children were surprised to find roller coasters that were so tame compared to what they get to ride on at Adventureland. We kept reminding them throughout the day that we weren’t here for the rides.

We skipped most of the roller coasters due to them either being closed down because of weather or long lines. Once kids have ridden the Monster, not a whole lot else compares.

Instead of being disappointed about the lack of thrill rides, we focused on the unique Lego experience like trading mini figures.

Staff member wearing Lego Mini figures to trade at Legoland theme park Florida.

I snuck eight mini figures out of our house and brought them to Florida with us. The kids LOVED looking for a staff member to trade with. Most staff only had one or two mini figures but toward the end of the day we ran into the special staff member who had dozens. *Next time, I would pack a few more mini figures for them to trade.

The live shows were silly and fun! Our kids enjoyed them and they are a good chance to rest. The show are interactive and some audience participation is included.

Man dressed in Lego costume as part of Pirates Cove live ski show at Legoland Florida. Friends to the Rescue live music show at Legoland Florida.






Here’s the catch about the shows… All four shows, two live and two theatre shows are located in the front and on the left side of the park in close proximity to one another.  What this means is that it’s difficult to see them all because you don’t have time to cross the park and come back before the next show.

Speaking of which, there are a few “dead ends” to beware of and without some strategic planning, your family will end up doing a lot of walking and back tracking.

One example is Cypress Gardens. You can only enter and leave the gardens through the same entrance gate which is right next to the Pirate Cove’s Live Ski Show.

Huge Banyan Tree in Cypress Garden's at Legoland Theme Park in Florida..

Cypress Gardens was beautiful! If we weren’t so hot and tired, we probably would have enjoyed it more but it is worth the stop. Finding the Banyan Tree was a little tricky but a friendly staff member pointed us in the right direction, after trading mini figures.

This is a good time to point out, the staff was exceptional!

Beautiful lawn in Cypress Garden's Legoland Florida


LEGOLAND Resort was just more awesomeness! Had I understood the value of what were getting, I would have booked more then one night. I don’t even know where to start. This hotel is OVER the TOP for a VERY reasonable price. I think our total was around $130 for a week night in the off season.

I don’t even know where to start! The lobby is like one giant pajama party in a Lego themed playroom. Pools of Legos are everywhere, with building contests and the castle to play in.

We had such a hard time getting the kids to leave. They choose to keep playing in the lobby and skip swimming in the pool with foam Lego bricks! That’s how much they loved it!

Hotel staff dressed in costumes in the Legoland Resort Lobby in Florida.

One thing to note, the resort is just steps away from the theme park. So don’t think you can just stay in the hotel and visit the park too! Trust me, the kids will notice.

We honestly weren’t going to visit the theme park but just do the hotel instead. Then I found out about LEGOLAND Homeschool Days and we booked tickets right away! It was very easy to do and I used my HSLD membership card as our proof. I also brought my state card as backup but we had no problems.

Planning ahead allowed me to incorporate certain themes and plans into outr curriculum. Shh…don’t tell the kids they were really doing a little school work while at LEGOLAND.

Children watching Lego Master at Legoland Resort Florida.

When staying at the resort, you have to register your kids for the Master Builder’s Class. The kids got to build a Lego model and keep it! Our host was wonderful and shared lots of information with the kids. She was a certified Master Builder and creates all the amazing sculptures that you see around the park and hotel.

Maintenance work with "Emmet's Crew" organge work vest on at Legoland Resort in Florida. Everything about the resort and theme park is done well. There are so many details, including the maintenance crew’s jackets.

The breakfast that is included with the hotel stay is delicious! We would have easily paid $40 or more to eat like that elsewhere.

Watch the video to see a tour of our hotel room, inside the lobby and a sneak peak at the pirate show!


Thanks for reading our review of Legoland Theme Park and Resort in Florida!

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Review of Legoland Theme Park and Resort


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