Split Rock Lighthouse State Park – Minnesota

the Visit Neighboring States Series

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is just a few miles away from Gooseberry Falls State Park.

We studied about lighthouse before our visit, reading books like ‘Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie’ and The Lighthouse Family Series. We skipped the tour of Split Rock lighthouse and visited another lighthouse in the Apostle Islands.

Split Rock Lighthouse State ParkWe spent our afternoon hiking along the rocky shore line and enjoying the pebble beach. Our son threw rocks into the water for 30 minutes straight and daddy hit an all time record by falling sleep on the rocks.

The leisurely afternoon was relaxing and peaceful.  Several times I caught the children just staring off into the water and thinking. I loved that this special place gave our children the opportunity to ponder.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

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  1. We did climb up inside the lighthouse and the tour was informational, but my kids enjoyed the exhibits inside at the visitor’s center, and I especially enjoyed the books in the gift shop. (The books in the gift shop at Gooseberry Falls visitor’s center could have kept me there for hours as well.) Then we drove down through the park to a parking lot near the shore and found a picnic table within feet of the water to enjoy our picnic lunch while watching a loon dive for his lunch. We walked along the trail to a spot on the rocks for a beautiful view of the lighthouse — probably the same spot where you were. 🙂 Another great park.

    1. YEP! I think I know that picnic spot and walk along the shore. We loved that park too! I am so so glad you family had a great trip and made good memories. Thanks for sharing all the details of your trip. I know all the info will help other families plan their visit.

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