Starved Rock State Park – Illinois

Wlidcat Canyon in Starved Rock State Park, IL

Starved Rock State Park has been noted as one of the top attractions in Illinois, and for good reason.

Lodging accommodations, on-site amenities, and plenty of parking make it easy for everyone to access the 13 miles of trails and 16 points of interest.

Get the most out of your visit!

Your first stop inside Starved Rock State Park should be at the Visitor Center. Critical trail and park information is available to help you make the most out of your visit.

Fun Fact: A small museum shares the history of the area.

Trail Maps

Trail maps are available for free. Points of interest are organized on the main trail map according to how many miles they are from the Visitor Center.

We did not take into account the extreme elevation changes in the area and wore out after two miles. Daddy quickly hiked back to the main parking lot to retrieve the car and picked the children and me up at another location. Our route is marked in yellow. 


Parking and Accommodations

From the sheer volume of parking lots and overflow parking lots, we can tell that this state park gets BUSY on summer weekends.

Heed the advice on Trip Advisor and come early in the morning, in the off-season, and on weekdays.

The parking lot at the Visitor Center on a weekday in mid-May was already half full. 

Visitor Center parking lot in Starved Rock State Park, IL

One thing that makes Starved Rock State Park stand out is the great lodging options in the area. I am not sure of another place in the Midwest that offers lodging right inside of or next to a state park. If you know of a place, please share!

Starved Rock Hotel is inside the park and centers around the historic Great Hall which is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. There are several on-site dining options for guests and hikers.

In addition, Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort and Waterpark is located directly across Route 178 and the start of the St. Louis Canyon trailhead. Our family chose to stay at Grizzly Jack’s and you can read our full review here. 


Hiking and the Illinois River

Starved Rock State Park is big and you just can’t fit everything into one day. We ended up only seeing about half of what I had wanted to see.

Trails are well-marked in some locations and confusing in others.

Pro Tip: Make sure to bring a hiking map when out on the trails. 

Park preservation is important in Illinois and there are several posted rules to be aware of. Wooded boardwalks make hiking easier and help to keep everyone on the trail. 

Family hiking on board walk in Starved Rock State Park, IL

The park is abundant with wildlife and we were completely entertained by this little groundhog who munched his way along the trail as we ascended a steep set of stairs. The kids had fun counting over a dozen gray squirrels. We also saw a variety of birds and one water snake.  

Several stunning overlooks offer grand views of the Illinois River and a lock & dam. At first, I was going to skip these and just hit up the canyons but I am glad we didn’t. We even saw a tug boat pushing a barge upriver through the lock & dam. 

Illinois River as seen from overlook in Starved Rock State Park, IL

Hiking along the lower trails near the river was fun and exciting. There is a different feel, temperature, smell, plant, and animal life on these trails than on the upper-level trails. 

Kids walking along path neat river in Starved Rock State Park, IL

Girl leaping over water near the Illinois River in Starved Rock State Park, IL



The Canyons and the ease of accessibility to them are the main draws for Starved Rock State Park. The easy parking and walking paths attract a lot of visitors.

While we found the canyons to be beautiful and flowing after spring rains, our family personally enjoyed the canyons at Matthiessen State Park better. You can read our full review of that park here.

Lonetree Canyon in Starved Rock State Park, IL


No matter which state park in the area you visit or where you lodge, your family is bound to have a good time and make memories. 

Matthiessen State Park

A Family Hike in Matthiessen State Park is the perfect place to see stunning waterfalls and beautiful canyons. A path along the streambed lets visitors take in all the beauty.

More to explore in the area

In addition to the stunning state parks, visitors can experience the I&M Canal, Hidden Paradise Alpacas, ziplining, horseback riding, historic homes, and more. 

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