ISU Insect Zoo in Ames

Place/Event: ISU Insect Zoo
Location: 440 Science II, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011 or will travel to your location/school ANYWHERE in the State of Iowa
Cost: Visiting floor is free – check website for program fees. LOTS of Options!
Grade/age range: Prek-12
Group size: large or small – a small family or 30 student class – options for all!
Hands-on: Yes
Stroller friendly: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes
Food: No

Ginny Mitchell makes connecting with kids and encouraging them to touch bugs a snap! We have been to her program at the ISU Insect Zoo twice.

My girl loves creepy crawlers and Ginny brings just the right bugs! Her programs are hands-on and fun.

And if you aren’t all that thrilled with bugs, just hang in there mama – It’s Worth It!

ISU Insect Zoo IT's Real!
and Ginny is Brave – THAT’s REAL

At the end of the program, all the kids are offered the opportunity to pet a tarantula – and yep, my girl did!

ISU Insect Zoo Bee ribbion cutting
Bee Hive ribbon cutting ceremony

The day we visited the 4th floor of Science II, they were having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of a new observational bee hive! They made a special hole in a window and the bees can fly in and out of the hive.

Museum quality displays line the hallway and in one small room at the ISU Insect Zoo. Check before you visit on when the “Insect Zoo Room” is open. This is separate from the hour-long program that Ginny leads. ISU Insect Zoo Those things Move

*** ISU offers several great online resources including a Bug Guide. If you find a little creature in your yard and need help identifying it – check out their bug guide!

They can also help with plant and insect problems . The ISU Extension is another great resources for lots of topics and every Iowa County has an extension office.

UPDATE! Our local library hosted the Insect Zoo for a Bug Olympics program. The kids and adults had a blast watching Jumping Sticks leap around the library carpet and cockroaches race. Yes, we have an Amazing Library!

Iowa State University Insect Zoo



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