Field Trip Planning Guide

Planning a Field Trip involves more than just picking a location.

Check out our list of 50 field trips in any Iowa community. 

Field Trip Planning Guide

5 Planning Tips

1) Research

2) Pack the car

3) Before you go; plan for coming home

4) Excite the kids

  • Incorporate the field trip into your curriculum.
  • Read and prepare ahead of time for the trip – we used the St. Louis Zoo website to learn about the different animals we would see before we visited. This enhanced our visit.
  • Try out Virtual Field Trips to add depth to local tours. Ask your students questions.
    • How did the virtual field trip of the museum compare to visiting our local museum?
    • Did it feel different to view the art in person vs on a computer screen?

5) Invite friends

  • My #1 rule for organizing a field trip is to only plan group events that we want to do at a time that works for us. When I first started organizing group events I would always adjust things to please one or two other members. When those members wouldn’t be able to make the event; I would be left feeling frustrated. Now, I only plan what works for us and if others can join, then we are excited to have them!

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