Field Trips in your Local Iowa Community

Field Trips in your Local Iowa Community
Over 50 field trip ideas

Not every community is close to a large metro area with a science center or lots of scheduled tours, so…

Find a Field Trip right in your own town, even in rural Iowa communities!

Community Helpers

  • Police station
  • County Sheriffs office
  • Fire department
  • State Patrol
  • Iowa National Guard
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarian Clinic
  • County Human Society or Animal Rescue League (ARL)
  • Veterans society or group VFW Iowa – find a local group in your area. There may be volunteer opportunities to serve the vets or have some come to speak to your class.
  • memorials and monuments for famous people or wars

City Municipalities

  • City Hall
  • Public Works
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Recycling center or waste management
  • Landfill
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Airport

Around Town

  • nursing home – a great place to give end-of-year presentations, hold a science fair or volunteer
  • bank
  • grocery store (and I don’t mean when you need food – a real behind-the-scenes tour)
  • theater (movie or theatrical)
  •  TV news station
  • radio station (I still remember this one from when I was a kid)
  • newspaper
  • artist studio
  • restaurant (doesn’t every Iowa town have a Casey’s Pizza?)
  • bakery
  • pet store
  • concrete company
  • hardware store
  • factory (Who remembers Archway cookies in Boone?…yum yum!)
  • roller skating rink
  • bowling alley
  • historic town square
  • county courthouse
  • county historical one-room schoolhouse
  • county historical museum or society
  • county historical homes
  • county ISU extension office


  • flower shop or plant nursery/green house
  • arboretum
  • river/stream access
  • park or public garden
  • county conservation office and nature center
  • county ISU extension office
  • summer camp (lots of camps will offer day field trips to use trails and other equipment like rappelling)
  • farm or orchard
  • agricultural co-op or seed company
  • State Forest
  • State Park

 Did you know that Iowa has 70 State Parks4 major State Forests90 State preserves and 6 National Wildlife refuges, and 99 county parksmost with nature centers and educational programs. 

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